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Lay Ministry Formation Program Anniversary

Last updated on March 24, 2016
WHERE ARE YOU NOW? The Lay Formation Program with be celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year.  We need to update our mailing lists so we can send you information about upcoming events.  If you have moved since your commissioning could you email our new program coordinator Eric Gurash or phone 306 352 1651 ext 211 and let us know where you are now. Read More

Chrism Mass with Bishop Thevnot

Last updated on March 21, 2016
The Chrism Mass is an important continuation of the church, said Prince Albert Bishop Albert Thevénot in his homily at the March 15 Chrism Mass celebration. Bishop Thevénot celebrated the Mass because the Regina Archdiocese does not yet have a new Archbishop following the January death of Archbishop Daniel Bohan. The three holy oils the Church uses in many of its ceremonies and rituals are blessed at the Chrism Mass and distributed to all parishes in the Archdiocese. Thevénot in his homily told the story of the three oils, their purposes, uses and symbolism in the Church. He had the congregation laughing several times describing how the oils were used in the past and how some of that has changed. Read More
Since the Assisted suicide issue has arisen I’ve been writing about lack of a moral compass that seems to have infected our people and the consequence of that. A solid example of that has surfaced in Quebec where the Quebec College of Physicians has issued an ethics bulletin to its members. It seems some emergency room doctors have refused to provide antidotes for patients that have attempted suicide by poisoning, reasoning that the suicide attempt was evidence the individual wanted to die. The Quebec College of Physicians bulletin warned that doctors have an ethical duty in those instances to try and save the individuals life. To not do so, the bulletin argued, goes against the doctor’s duty of to-do-no-harm. Read More
To download the Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops of Saskatchewan on the Legalization of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Click Here Read More

Days of Prayer and Fasting for Syria

Last updated on March 17, 2016
In order to mark the 5th anniversary of the war in Syria, Pax Christi International has issued a call for “Actions of Solidarity and Days of Prayer and Fasting for Syria”, with a special focus for this coming Sunday, March 20. The English, French and Spanish versions of its “Prayer for the People of Syria” are provided in the attached PDF documents. More information on the “Global Call for Actions of Solidarity and Days of Prayer and Fasting for Syria” is available on the website of Pax Christi International at http://www.paxchristi.net/. The information will also be posted on the CCCB website. Read More

Santa Maria Spiritual Care Volunteers

Last updated on March 15, 2016
Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home is seeking volunteers to assist the Spiritual Care Department in the following areas: Bringing Residents to and from the Chapel for Mass and other services; Spiritual Care visiting. Music Ministry Requirements (for Spiritual Care visiting): A course in Basics of Spiritual Care giving/Parish Home Ministry of Care and/or Stephen Ministry is an asset. For further information and to set up an interview, please contact: Catherine Fox, Director of Spiritual Care at 766-7092; email: Catherine.fox@rqhealth.ca Read More

Ukrainian Easter Eggs An Ancient Art Form

Last updated on March 9, 2016
Ukrainian Easter eggs, pysanka, are not just a colorful work of art they are full of Christian symbolism. “These designs are symbols of Christ’s Resurrection and eternal life,” said Eleanor Bernakevitch of St. Athanasius Parish who was hosting an Easter Egg workshop Saturday March 5. She gave the PM a description of the designs, their meaning and the tools required to “write” on the egg. It’s an ancient tradition, said Bernakevitch, that has been going on since about 500 A.D. According to the internet, the tradition evolved from a pagan tradition that paid tribute to the natural world. Read More
A Young Adult Ministry Coordinator position is available at Good Shepherd Parish in the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton. To download job description click here Read More

End of Life Care in Catholic Care Homes

Last updated on March 7, 2016
It’s here and we simply have to deal with it. Physician Assisted Suicide, euthanasia, compassionate alleviation of the suffering and pain or whatever euphemism you wish to put on it, is simply killing people. The Supreme Court gave the new Liberal government a four-month extension to get a law in place and supposedly somewhere in the bureaucratic complex that is government, someone or some group is trying to put something together. The current law against such procedures is still in force but it’s not being enforced. All the attention has been on individuals suffering terminal illnesses but so far no one has looked at the long term effect this could have on society. Read More

Martha House - Vacancies

Last updated on February 29, 2016
MARTHA HOUSE - a Home for Retired Priests  and Seniors Men and Women has vacant rooms. We are accepting those can descend and ascend stairs independently. (Level 1)   It has conducive rooms and  it is a beautiful and serene place for Seniors who love to PRAY . We have daily recitation of the Rosary and daily Masses. Martha House offers the lowest and affordable cost in the city. For more information contact :  Sr. Jessica or Debra Kirkpatrick 306-5450509 Martha House 1855 2nd Avenue North Regina, SK S4R 0Y1 Martha House is a Registered Charitable Institution   Read More
Click for more on the Year of Mercy
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