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Holy Cross Employment Oppportunity

Last updated on August 14, 2014
Holy Cross Parish is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of Pastoral Assistant on a part-time basis.   Duties and Responsibilities: Work with the Pastor to provide spiritual leadership; Assess and implement catechetical Faith Formation; Assist the Pastor to ensure that the “Parish Pastoral Plan” is being implemented; Oversee the ministry of Sacrament Preparation; Identify and plan for ongoing educational programs; Act as a Liaison to the Parish feeder schools; Assist in Liturgical preparations for Weddings, Funerals and special events; and Work in collaboration with the Pastoral Assistant of Little Flower Parish.   Qualifications: Read More

Little Flower Employment Opportunity

Last updated on August 14, 2014
Little Flower Parish is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of Pastoral Assistant on a part-time basis. The position is expected to average approximately 20 hours per week, however specific days and hours of work are negotiable. Duties and Responsibilities:  Work with the Pastor to provide spiritual leadership;  Assess and implement catechetical Faith Formation;  Assist the Pastor to ensure that the “Parish Pastoral Plan” is being implemented;  Oversee the ministry of Sacramental Preparation;  Identify and plan for ongoing educational programs; Read More
The Archdiocese of Regina is seeking to hire a live-in caregiver to support the Pastor assigned to St. John the Evangelist in Rockglen. As a Caregiver, you provide a variety of non-medical services that allow people to remain in their homes that generally fall under three categories: Companionship Home Helper Personal Care Companionship responsibilities are those that stimulate, encourage, assist an individual, and include the following: Read More
On August 4, 1914, Great Britain declared war on Germany, which had violated the neutrality of Belgium by invading it. Canada, as part of the British Empire, was thereby brought into what would be the first of two world wars. A few weeks later, the Canadian Parliament enacted the War Measures Act, empowering the government to co-ordinate Canada's involvement in this bloody war which would result in the deaths of some nine million military personnel and seven million civilians over the next four years. How should we today understand this event from the perspective of our faith in the Gospel? How should disciples of the Prince of Peace commemorate this violent upheaval in which the lives of so many were sacrificed? The horrors of war, the dignity of the soldier Read More
Guest presenters: Archbishop Emeritus of Winnipeg, James Weisgerber and Dr. James Rice, Astrogeologist, Mars Rover Project - Geology Team Leader Planetary Schence Institute Phoenix, Arizona as well as Bobbi Yanko, Eric Gurash, Marian Grady and more. Registration:   $20 (incl. lunch) payable at the door Registration deadline:  October 17, 2014 to cschimnosky@sasktel.net or 306-543-3203 Read More
October 25, 2014

Thuy Nguyen Diaconate

Last updated on July 19, 2014
Thuy Nguyen July 3 took another step towards his ordination as priest with his ordination to the transitional Diaconate at Holy Child Parish. Archbishop Daniel Bohan opened the service with a greeting in Vietnamese. Priests from around the Archdiocese were in attendance as well as a strong contingent from the Vietnamese community. The second reading was also delivered in Vietnamese by Phong Le, friend of Nguyen. Reverend Deacon Barry Wood called the candidate from the congregation and Vicar General Very Reverend Lorne Crozon presented the candidate to the Archbishop as ready to accept ordination. Thuy Nguyen will attend St. Joseph’s Seminary, Edmonton, for the last year of his preparation and expects to be ordained to the priesthood sometime in 2015. Read More

High School Grads

Last updated on July 19, 2014
Each generation thinks today’s ‘teens are irresponsible wastrels and that thought goes all the way back to the Greek philosophers and I admit, sometimes I feel the same way. However, I’m more optimistic and confident in today’s high school ‘teens after observing them for about a year and a half as a trustee on the Catholic School Board and after attending a couple of graduating exercises. Those ‘teens I have seen are bright and focused.  Not all are sure of what they want to do with their life but they’re confident they either have the tools now or will obtain what’s needed to pursue whatever they decide to do. Read More
Once a month an ecumenical group of women from several Regina churches get together to sew new dresses for impoverished girls around the world.  Sharon Mayor, of Resurrection Parish Catholic Women’s League (CWL) first heard about the international group Dress a Girl around the World from a friend and invited her to present to a meeting of her CWL council. “The women here grasped at the idea and decided we should form a sewing bee.” They gather once a month in one of Resurrection Parish’s meeting rooms, bring their own sewing machines and with patterns provided from the international group, sew new dresses for girls, mostly in Philippines and Africa. Read More

Une annonce du CÉF

Last updated on July 6, 2014
Le CÉF est à la recherche d’une famille qui accepterait d’accueillir deux jeunes haïtiens, au cours de la prochaine année scolaire, plus précisément : 1 ou 2 jours en septembre Les congés de décembre (deux semaines) Une semaine en février Une semaine en avril En fin juin avant le départ en congés. Read More
You are invited to attend the Pilgrimage Days at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, St. Laurent, SK (north east of Duck Lake) on Monday, July15th and Tuesday, July 16th. Read More
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My dear friends, I try to go around and visit our Catholic Schools as often as I can. I find there is something special there. I talk with people who are involved in Catholic Education about why this is. It usually comes round to thedifferencethat is found in our schools compared to other schools. The difference is found in the way we deal with and treat the children and young people who come to us to learn. That difference comes directly from the faith that all of you who staff our schools and offices have within you.

Dear friends, we set out today on a great adventure for our Church here in Regina as we begin the Formation Program for the Permanent Diaconate for our Archdiocese. I consider this to be a blessing from God and I say “thank you” to God for all of you who are candidates and for you wives who journey through this time of formation with you. You have acted positively in response to what is a call from God and I pray that the four years ahead will bear much fruit for you and for Jesus Christ and his Church.

My dear friends , we gather once again on the eve of the Assumption of Mary to give honour to Mary, the Mother of God; to give voice to show our devotion and our love for this unique woman whom Jesus, her son, has given to us to be our mother, and to celebrate the  Eucharist, to say “thank you” to God for all the love and all the blessings God has given to us, especially through the intercession of Mary, our mother.