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August 5, 2015
My overview of Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato S: The earth, our common home, now “cries out because of the harm we have inflicted on her”.  These startling words are taken from Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si; they tell us why the Pontiff felt compelled to call humankind to new levels of discussion and dialogue concerning the welfare of our earthly home.    
August 18, 2015
What does a Small Healthy Parish look like? Mostly it looks like a healthy big parish – in all the ways that matter, anyway. No, a Small Healthy Parish is not just a miniaturized version of a healthy big parish. Pastors who try to do that are usually concentrating on the externals. And it never works out well when we do that. But underneath, every healthy parish looks the same – no matter what size it is. The principles that make big parishes healthy are the ones that make small parishes healthy. And the same missteps can kill that health for parishes large or small.
August 20, 2015
Dear Faithful of the Archdiocese of Regina On October 7th we will be celebrating a very special Anniversary for our Church.  On December 4, 1915, the Diocese of Regina was elevated to the status of Archdiocese. I know many people wonder what the difference is between a diocese and an archdiocese.  By becoming an Archdiocese, Regina Became the Metropolitan Archdiocese of the ecclesiastical Province of Regina in Saskatchewan.

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