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Christopher Juchacz Vocation Journey

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January 27, 2016
In another life I, with Scott Schill, Leader-Post City Editor at the time, Toarr Springstein who was with Saskatchewan Department of Northern Development I think it was called, were on a fishing trip to Lloyd’s Lake. It took close to 12-hours to drive the almost 900 kilometers from Regina to La Loche and we were to fly out to Lloyd’s Lake as soon as we got there. We loaded our gear onto the Cessna 180, Toar got into the front seat, Scott and I in the back and we roared off over the water, but the aircraft said forget it this is too heavy so Scott and I were deposited back at the dock. Toar was a big man, even by today’s standards of football players. He was a retired guard or tackle from the Roughriders.
February 2, 2016
I have recently come across questions about dialogue in the Catholic tradition in at least three different contexts.  First of all, Pope Francis’s prayer intention for January 2016 was interreligious dialogue.  This got a lot more play than is normal for a Pope’s monthly intention because it was also the first time the Vatican accompanied the announcement of the Pope’s prayer intention with a video.  Many Catholics expressed concern about this choice of intention.  “Why dialogue with false religions?” they asked.  “Shouldn’t we be evangelizing people instead?  Isn’t dialogue an admission of relativism?  Aren’t we saying, or at least implying, that all religions are equally true?”   Second, at our most recent diaconate formati
February 3, 2016
Regina’s Roman Catholic School Division Director of Education, Rob Currie, has resigned to take on new challenges with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. He said the division is in a good position in terms of growth, facilities development, a dedicated and committed staff and it was time for a change in leadership. “So after much discernment, prayer and reflection I made the decision to approach the Board to make a change,” said Currie in an interview with the PM.
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