Marian Centre Director Nancy Topping Returns to...

Nancy Topping has been a fixture at the Marian Centre soup kitchen for 14 years, 12 of them as director. It’s one of the longest terms for a member of the Madonna House...

Memorial Blanket a Massive Art Installation...

“The most poignant artifact for me are the braids,” said Dr. Shauneen Pete, as she explained the meaning of the Memorial Blanket art work set up along a wall in the...

Archbishop and CCO: Youth In The Church

Sitting comfortably on an upholstered rocking chair and looking much like a grandfather speaking to his grandchildren, Regina Archbishop Daniel Bohan told a group of young...

World Religion Day

Extra chairs were required to accommodate the almost 200 people who attended the annual World Religion Day held January 18 at Beth Jacob Synagogue. “It’s getting bigger...

My Generation Youth Rally: Called to Make A Mess

The My Generation Youth Rally invites all students in grades 8-12 to come spend a high energy, fun-filled, purpose-filled weekend exploring how God is...

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  • Leona Burkhart
    January 20, 2015
    A diverse group of 6 youth ministers or pastoral assistants from Churches in Regina met this morning to learn about organizing youth programs. The interactive workshop discussed topics such as abuse disclosures to registration forms to medication documentation.  The parish representatives deal with a wide range of youth and activities. on an ongoing basis. It was exciting to see the numbers involved and the types of programs offered.  Answers were provided to questions regarding specific sites.  We had planned for 90 minutes but the questions and interest kept us engaged for 120 minutes. Hopefully these parishes are now comfortable with the processes.  We are also available to assist with the training of the volunteers in the parishes.
  • Frank Flegel
    January 15, 2015
    Indian residential schools, created by the federal government and operated by Christian Churches, mostly Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian, were to transform native children into a societal image of their British rulers. How successful were they? Let’s have a look.
  • Bert Pitzel
    January 13, 2015
    It is not easy to tackle the silence and public indifference that surrounds the condition of dementia. Yet Matthew Dineen has been doing just that since June of 2013. The widespread interest garnered by his family story gave him the privilege of speaking at the Global Dementia Legacy Event in Ottawa, Sept 2014, and at the International Conference on Frontotemporal Degeneration, Vancouver, Oct, 2014.  Now Matthew is asking the Church to throw its weight behind Private Bill C-356, a legislative initiative of MP Claude Gravelle that will ensure

My dear brothers and sisters, our Catholic faith has been keeping us busy over this last week and a half. During the last ten days we have celebrated four great Feast Days of our faith in Jesus Christ. We have gathered as the Church to celebrate the Birth of Jesus which gave us the assurance that in every aspect of our life, Jesus is God-with-us. We are never left alone or abandoned.

My dear friends, in my younger days, I used to ask why is New Year’s a holy day of Obligation? Everybody is out celebrating the New Year on New Year’s Eve, so they don’t have time to go to Mass and on New Year’s Day everyone is too tired to go to Mass.  Everyone who went to Confession during Advent to get ready for Christmas finds that within a week they are in the state of sin again because they missed Mass on a Holy Day of Obligation! Seemed strange to me.

My dear brothers and sisters, we continue our celebration of the Nativity of our Lord, Jesus Christ on this Sunday that follows Christmas. As soon as we talk about the birth of a baby, we very quickly begin to think about the family that welcomes this baby. On this Sunday following Christmas we turn our minds and our hearts towards the family of Jesus – to Mary and Joseph and their new child. And of course when we do that we also immediately think about our own families.