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Neither Randy Garvey nor Curtis Kleisinger expected their careers and contributions to community would earn them the Campion Alumni of Distinction Award. Both recipients...

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Dr. James Rice is a scientist who has a firm belief in God’s hand in the universe. He is an Astrogeologist who researches geology in places like Mars but to do that he has...

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St. Michael's Fundraising Breakfast

The Saskatchewan Roughriders won the 2007 Grey Cup in the first team meeting with new coach Kent Austin, said former offensive line man Mike Abou-Mechrek. “He said ‘Believe...

Fr. Burdzy Officially Installed at St. Henry...

On November 16th, the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time His Grace Daniel Bohan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Regina presided over the official Installation of...

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  • Frank Flegel
    November 24, 2014
    November 11 is long gone and as usual people will return to their daily lives without thinking much about what Remembrance Day represents but I want to tell you about a very special ceremony that took place at Ecole St. Mary School just before Remembrance Day. The gym, much too small for the student cohort not to mention the visitors that came that day, began filling before the ceremony; parents, grandparents, a few veterans and a police officer in full uniform, likely a parent to one of the students but he was there as a spectator, took up space at the back wall. The students filed in class by class and took up their positions sitting on the floor.
  • Leona Burkhart
    November 18, 2014
    Did you know that the oldest baby boomers will turn 69 this year?  Now even though that age group could be referred to as seniors--they do not want to be.  And as I get closer to that age I understand why. That group is active, energetic, empty-nest, although the children may have recycled back, working and retiring.  They seek a faith community that engages them in meaningful spiritual growth and faith enrichment, provides enriching worship, engages them in making a contribution to the church and the world and connects them to each other and the other generations in the faith community.  They do not want to be called OLD or solely offered trips to the casino. 
  • Frank Flegel
    November 10, 2014
    The 11th hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month of 1918, the Armistice to end the war that was to end all wars was signed in a railway car just outside Paris. The Treaty of Versailles that laid out the terms was signed in Paris about six months later. They didn’t know it at the time but that turned out to be the first day on the road to WWII. It led to the rise of Adolf Hitler who vowed that the embarrassments and punishments meted out to Germany in Versailles would be wiped out.

On Saturday 18 October 2014 the Archdiocese held an Archdiocesan Social Justice Conference in Moose Jaw. Here is a link to recordings made of the Archbishop's Keynote Address and of some of the presentations, as well as of opening and closing remarks.

Dear friends, we set out today on a great adventure for our Church here in Regina as we begin the Formation Program for the Permanent Diaconate for our Archdiocese. I consider this to be a blessing from God and I say “thank you” to God for all of you who are candidates and for you wives who journey through this time of formation with you. You have acted positively in response to what is a call from God and I pray that the four years ahead will bear much fruit for you and for Jesus Christ and his Church.

My dear sisters and brothers, it is a great pleasure for me to be here as your bishop to celebrate with you the 100th anniversary of your parish. As with many of the parishes in our archdiocese, the first priests to come to Shaunavon over one hundred years ago celebrated Mass in various homes throughout the district. For  over 100 years now, the Catholic Community has lived and celebrated its faith in this community.

We know the church is not first of all a building of wood and plaster. Rather the church is a...