Rite of Election

Fifteen Catechumens from nine parishes signed the Book of Elect at the Rite of Election held February 22 at Holy Rosary Cathedral. The Rite of Election begins the last...

Catholic Volunteer Retires after 24 years

 “It’s been my privilege to have been a volunteer at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre for 24 years” says Lorraine Levere. “I found it very rewarding to participate...

Bob Newton New To Pioneer Village

Regina Pioneer Village has a new Roman Catholic Pastoral Care/Volunteer Coordinator.  His name is Bob Newton. ...

Renewing Their Vows

Chrism Mass, mass of the holy oils was celebrated by Archbishop Daniel Bohan March 23 in Holy Rosary Cathedral with 70 priests as con-celebrants and several hundred of the...

MyGen "Making a Mess"

The My Generation  Archdiocesan 2015 Youth rally held here March 21-22 attracted 155 Grades eight to 12 youth who spent two days listening to motivational speakers,...

Pastoral Care for Transgendered Students

Dealing with transgender children is not a sexual issue, it’s an identity issue, said Catholic Ethicist Reverend Mark Miller C.Ss.R in a symposium address March 20 to...

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  • Michelle Braden
    March 26, 2015
    They came to make a mess! The right kind of mess…. They came to clean up those messes in their lives which are destructive. They came to pray for those messes which are beyond our control. The My Generation Youth Rally held in Regina this past weekend had young people from all around the diocese in attendance. 150 young people in grades 8-12, along with 75 young adult volunteers, the support, hospitality and sponsorship of the Regina Catholic School Division, a number of enthusiastic Knights of Columbus Councils serving behind the scenes and some dedicated CWL ladies who prayed tirelessly over the course of the weekend all gathered to celebrate the calling of the young church.       
  • Frank Flegel
    March 23, 2015
    Canadian Martyrs shut its doors July 2014 but it remained a church and wasn’t de-consecrated until February 19, 2015.(see story elsewhere on this site.) What took so long? There were several groups that expressed an interest in using the building as a meeting place. Those interested had been meeting at the JPII Centre but nothing replaced that facility after it closed (and now sold to local developer Nicor). But nothing came of those discussions.
  • Frank Flegel
    March 23, 2015
    What a steep decline we have witnessed in Canada’s moral values. First we have the Supreme Court striking down abortion laws and now it has ruled the laws that prevent physician assisted suicide are an infringement of an individual’s rights. What next?

Department: Development and Pastoral Services

Reports to: Development Director
Casual/Flexible: 21 hours per week

Position Summary
The Administrative Assistant is responsible for administrative duties primarily in the Appeal Office with supplementary administrative support to the Director of Development and the Director of Pastoral Services.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In a Lenten letter to Canadian Catholics printed in the Feb. 2015 Living with Christ, Brazilian Bishop Enemesio Angelo Lazzaris writes, “Sisters and Brothers of Canada, when we share in the consecrated bread and wine of communion, we are making a commitment to fight hunger and its root causes….  This commitment must always, especially during Lent, be accompanied by acts of solidarity, such as those we have seen through our many years of partnership with Development and Peace.”  Bishop...

Injustices and environmental degradation make it abundantly clear that society is in serious need of reconstruction. What is the dream?  How about a vision of personal fulfillment and peace for all instead of visions of power and profit for a few? Here is the big surprise--good campaigns for the transformation of the world can be run by a few committed people, functioning in the basements of churches throughout the Archdiocese, seeking to be a catalyst for the change.